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If you own a license for a Vernier software title or lab book, you can download the full version from your account.

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Spectral Analysis 4

Collect, share, and analyze spectrometer data for topics such as Beer’s law, enzyme kinetics, and plant pigment spectra

Free download

Graphical Analysis 4

‭Collect, share, and analyze sensor data with our free software for Chrome, iOS, Windows®, and macOS

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Software Updates

Chrome App

Visit the Chrome Web Store to download or update Graphical Analysis for Chrome.

iOS Apps

Visit the App Store to download or update Graphical Analysis, Video Physics, Thermal Analysis, or LabQuest Viewer.

Android Apps

Visit the Google Play Store to download or update Graphical Analysis 4.

Free Software

  • Logger Lite

    Basic data-collection software for real-time graphing and analysis.

  • Logger Pro Demo

    A 30-day software demo for real-time graphing and analysis.

  • LabQuest Emulator

    Use LabQuest App on your Windows computer to test drive the LabQuest software or project onto a screen.

  • Vernier Bridge Competition Software

    A free standalone application for Windows® computers used for bridge (or other structure) competitions conducted with the Vernier Structures & Materials Tester.

  • Power Amplifier Function Generator

    This program is used with the Vernier Power Amplifier to turn your computer’s sound card into a function generator.

  • LabQuest App for OLPC Computers

    Use LabQuest App for data collection and analysis on the OLPC.

  • Software Development Kits

    Download programming resources for the LabQuest, LabPro, LabVIEW, WDSS, Go! products, and SensorDAQ.

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