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Enhance your curriculum with our award-winning lab books. Each book comes with a generous site license—purchase once and share files with other instructors in your school or college department.

NEW Electronic and Print Versions

Vernier lab books are now available as either an electronic download or a printed lab book. Save money by buying the electronic version–no need to pay for printing or shipping!

Electronic Resources

All Vernier lab books (print and electronic) come with Electronic Resources, which you can download 24/7 to access the most up-to-date versions of experiments. Included in the Electronic Resources are word-processing files of student pages, so you can edit the experiments to match your teaching style.

Sample Experiments

Preview sample experiments from each of our lab books. Each sample experiment includes the student instructions, teacher tips, and sample data.

Books by Subject

4th Edition Lab Books

Our 4th edition lab books include student instructions for collecting data with Go Direct sensors or LabQuest sensors and our free Graphical Analysis 4 software. This edition is the most comprehensive version of our lab books with ready-to-use and customizable student instructions for all supported software.

Vernier Lab Book Features

Vernier lab books include electronic resources with word-processing files of the student instructions, essential teacher information, suggested answers, sample data and graphs, and more. Preview sample experiments from our lab books. Each sample experiment includes the student instructions, teacher tips, and sample data.

Customize Vernier Labs Online

You can customize the experiments loaded on your LabQuest or write your own experiments for LabQuest. Go to My LabQuest Library »

Helping You Meet Content Standards

Vernier understands that meeting curriculum standards is an important part of today’s teaching. as state and federal requirements change, we are committed to providing you with the most current information. View state and national standards correlations »

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Vernier lab books facilitate student learning of content while helping them develop an understanding of key scientific and engineering practices. Learn more about Vernier and NGSS »

Vernier Lab Books ISBN Reference

Find the International Standard Book Number for all Vernier lab books with our ISBN reference table.

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