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Go Direct® Sensors

Students study celluar respiration with Go Direct CO2 and O2 Gas Sensors

Simplify your lab setup to empower student learning.

Inspire scientific investigation with hands-on, real-time data collection. Our easy-to-use Go Direct technology connects directly to student devices—computers, Chromebooks, LabQuest® 2, or mobile devices—to maximize valuable lab time so you can focus on teaching.

Go Direct Sensors

Go Direct sensors are perfect for educators who

  • Are using computers, Chromebooks, and mobile devices for data collection
  • Need an affordable solution that includes free software and all-in-one sensors
  • Plan to equip a new science laboratory
  • Are new to probeware

Teacher Friendly, Student Centered

  • Free Graphical Analysis 4 app
  • Over 40 new Go Direct sensors
  • Backed by Stellar Service from Vernier
  • Supported by over 100 labs in our fourth edition of Chemistry, Physical Science, and Middle School books



Go Direct Sensors Supported By

FREE Graphical Analysis 4

Graphical Analysis 4 app facilitates student understanding with real-time graphs of experimental data.

Lab Books

Save time integrating data-collection technology into your curriculum with well-tested, customizable experiments.

Stellar Service

Count on Vernier for unparalleled customer service, responsive technical support, and quality resources.

Getting Started

It is easy to equip your lab with our customizable recommendations. Get the Go Direct sensors, software, and accessories you will need for the experiments in our popular lab books. More books are coming soon.

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